Security Fundamentals Online Courses

Security Fundamentals Online Courses

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Describe data center infrastructure and its elements



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Security Fundamentals Courses Online

  • Describe data center infrastructure and its elements
  • Describe third platform technologies - cloud, big data, social, and mobile
  • Evaluate various types of intelligent storage systems and their deployment
  • Describe software-defined storage
  • Evaluate various storage networking technologies and their deployment
  • Articulate business continuity and archiving solutions
  • Describe various security threats and controls in a storage infrastructure
  • Describe key processes for managing a storage infrastructure
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Who can take this course ?

  • Experienced IT professionals, who may not have had exposure to all of the segments of modern storage infrastructure
  • Experienced IT professionals managing storage infrastructure and services
  • Students and professionals who are looking to pursue a career in the storage industry
  • Organization-wide it teams directly or indirectly responsible for planning, designing, deploying, managing, or leveraging information infrastructure
  • Individuals who are seeking EMC proven professional information storage associate (EMCisa) certification
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