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HTML-5 Programming Online Courses

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Implementing edit functionality for the students list..



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HTML-5 Programming Courses Online

  • Implementing edit functionality for the students list
  • Implementing password complexity by using an abstract method
  • Implementing insert functionality for the students list
  • Performing operations asynchronously
  • Saving changes to the class list
  • Implementing Enums and Structs
  • Organizing data into collections
  • Handling events
  • Decrypting the grades report
  • Creating data types to store user and grade information
  • Displaying user and grade information
  • Adding data validation to the grade class
  • Displaying students in name order
  • Creating the class full exception class
  • Creating and using entity data models
  • Implementing delete functionality for the students list
  • Querying data by using LINQ
  • Synchronizing concurrent access to data
  • Encrypting the grades report
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