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Retrieve data using the SQL select statement..



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  • Oracle 11g Fundamentals
  • Retrieve data using the SQL select statement
  • Learn to restrict and sort data
  • Usage of single-row functions to customize output
  • Describe the differences between single row and multiple row functions
  • Invoke conversion functions and conditional expressions
  • Aggregate data using the group functions
  • Display data from multiple tables using joins
  • Use sub-queries to solve queries
  • Use of DDL statements to create and manage tables
  • Create a simple and complex view
  • Retrieve data from views
  • Create, maintain, and use sequences
  • Management of schema objects
  • Query external tables
  • Install your oracle software
  • Backup and recovery concepts
  • Perform database backups
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Application developers, PL/SQL developer, Forms developer, System analysts, Business analysts, Data warehouse administrator.

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