Mongo DB online courses

Mongo DB online courses

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Learn how to design schema using advanced queries.



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Mongo DB courses online

  • Gain an insight into the 'roles' played by a MongoDB® expert.
  • Learn how to design schema using advanced queries.
  • Troubleshoot performance issues.
  • Understand MongoDB® aggregation framework
  • Learn MongoDB® backup and recovery options and strategies
  • Understand scalability and availability in MongoDB® using sharding
  • How to setup a replicated cluster, managing replica sets etc.
  • What is shards, key, Config server, query router etc.
  • How to setup sharding
  • Various MongoDB® tools to develop and deploy your applications
  • Learn MongoDB® administration activities
  • Health check, backup, recovery, performance tuning, etc.
  • Understand Hadoop and MongoDB integration
  • Data migration in MongoDB with Hadoop (MongoDB to hive)
  • Learn to integrate MongoDB with tools like jaspersoft and Pentaho
  • Integration of MongoDB with GUI tool Robomongo
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Database administrators, Database architects, Software developers, Software architects, Database professionals, Project managers, IT developers, testers, Analytics professionals, Research professionals, System administrators.

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