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Python Courses Online

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Use python interactively, Execute a python script at the shell prompt



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Online Courses for Python

  • Use python interactively
  • Execute a python script at the shell prompt
  • Use python types, expressions, and none
  • Use string literals and string type
  • Use python statements (if...elif..else, for, pass, continue, . . . )
  • Understand the difference between expressions and statements
  • Understand assignment semantics
  • Write and call a simple function
  • Utilize high-level data types such as lists and dictionaries
  • Understand the difference between mutable and immutable types
  • Write a simple class and access methods and attributes
  • Import and utilize a module
  • Read from and write to a text file
  • Understand interpreter and compilers: CPython, PyPy, Cython
  • See demonstration of ide’s: idle, IPython, IPython notebook, Hosted environments
  • Understand the role of package managers: easy_install, pip
  • Understand what Numpy does and what scipy is (are?)
  • Learn about resources for learning python
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Programmers who already have some experience with Django.

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