Apache Spark Online Courses

Apache Spark Online Courses

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Understand Scala and its implementation



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Apache Spark Courses Online

  • Understand Scala and its implementation
  • Apply control structures, loops, collection, and more.
  • Master the concepts of traits and oops in Scala
  • Understand functional programming in Scala
  • Get an insight into the big data challenges
  • Learn how spark acts as a solution to these challenges
  • Install spark and implement spark operations on spark shell
  • Understand the role of RDDS in spark
  • Implement spark applications on yarn (Hadoop)
  • Stream data using spark streaming API
  • Implement machine learning algorithms in spark using MLLIB API
  • Analyze hive and spark SQL architecture
  • Implement SparkSQL queries to perform several computations
  • Understand Graphx API and implement graph algorithms
  • Implement broadcast variable and accumulators for performance tuning
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Who can take this course ?

  • Professionals aspiring for a career in field of real time big data analytics
  • Analytics professionals
  • Research professionals
  • It developers and testers
  • Data scientists
  • Bi and reporting professionals
  • Students who wish to gain a thorough understanding of apache spark
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