CCNA certified professionals are specialized to provide connections to remote sites using Wide Area Network (WAN), analyze basic network security or malware threats. The CCNA professionals are taught networking concepts and terminology from the scratch.

Skills measured by CCNA certifications are:

• Understanding of how different networks interact to form a secured network
• How networks interact and work with different devices
• Configure a switch with VLAN and inter-switch communications
• Troubleshoot and verify inter-switch communications
• Implement IP addressing and meet network requirements.
• Configure routing on CISCO devices
• Troubleshoot and install routing on CISCO devices
• Perform specific tasks as wireless local area network (WLAN) communications.
• Support and implement Network Address Translations (NAT) and Access Control Lists (ACL).
• Verify WAN links and execute proper methods for connecting wide area networks (WAN).
• Set up WAN links connecting WAN

CCNA certification and credentials are one of the most sought certification. After getting CCNA certification a candidate can definitely expect a rewarding career as a network administrator or an engineer. CCNA certified professionals can install, troubleshoot, and configure routed and switched networks.