A machine intelligently identifies a pattern just like a human, once the machine learns and grows it becomes efficient enough to assist humans while also making decisions in some cases. This is called artificial intelligence.

AI (artificial Intelligence) technologies are natural language processing, machine learning, image processing, speech recognition, the interface of machine and humans interfacing system A huge potential of AI has been seen across various verticals such as retail, automation, manufacturing, BFSI, agriculture and much more.

Indian enterprises in 2016 would focus on training people as well as machines. There were people surveyed in India and according to that survey 87% of the people stated that training in the next 3 consecutive years would require companies to focus on training of their machines as much as they do for training people.

This market is expected to be worth Rs. one lac crores by the year 2022 growing at a compound annual growth rate of 62.9% between 2016 and 2022.