Android is an operating system most commonly used in smartphones and tablets. Most of the android programs are called apps. The android files commonly have a .apk extension. These programs are built using Python, Java, C, and C++. The user interface is designed using Java and XML.

Above 2.2 million apps are available for android. Android has been acquired by Google in 2005. It based on Linux Kernel Android operating system consists of over 12 millions of codes written in C,C++,Java and XML. Android supports a lot of features like Bluetooth , Wi – Fi , SMS , MMS , Videos , touch screens , accelerated 3D graphics , compasses , etc. These features are very useful in professional as well as our personal lives also. Since 2013, android is the best selling operating system on smartphones and tablets.

Android has helped to reach a lot of young audiences. Android has also created a huge number of jobs in Market. Android’s dominance is seen globally worldwide which is expected to last for quite a few o year.
Android has worked with companies like Blackberry. Also, they had released blackberry Playbook in 2011. A first basic mainstream tablet that had been made for Android was Nexus7 developed by Google and Asus. Android apps can be found in a store called Google Play and android app stores, alternate to Google Play are Amazon app store, Mobile9, Opera mobile store.

Future of Android just seems to be wonderful. In some cases, it can be seen that Android has emphasized on wearable technology in addition to the powerful mobile operating system. One must be aware of the Samsung’s Galaxy Camera which is a fully functional digital camera that runs on Android. Many video game consoles and smart watches are also powered by Android.